Monday, 11 March 2013

India - A Country Of Incredible Destinations

The country is dotted with numerous tourist attractions far and wide; making it a destination with great potentials. At one end, there are mountains, and on the other, there are beaches brimming with excitement. The greenery of the east finds its perfect contrast in the dusky deserts of the west. All this and much more entice tourists to visit this country again and again. In all, there are 28 states in India; each diversely unique in its cultural and ethnic traditions. But worry not, if you don’t know where to begin the India tour. Here, we are presenting the four most visited states of India popular for tourist holidays.
Uttar Pradesh, the country’s heartland enjoys the stronghold over Indian tourism industry. In fact, around 1/4th of tourists landing in India turn towards this fertile state to experience its varied gems. This state is a repository of heritage featuring the indomitable spirit of Taj Mahal, the world’s ancient city, Varanasi, the seat of Buddhism in Sarnath and Kushinagar and a lot more. The state is also known for its etiquettes and embroidery, thanks to Lucknow. The culinary contribution can be cherished during the Uttar Pradesh tour is its rich Awadhi cuisine.

The second state, Jammu and Kashmir is followed and admired by the purveyors of natural bliss. Tourists frequent here to interpret the saying made by Emperor Jahangir, “If there is ever a heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.” The natural ecosystem of this state is protected by the highest of the Himalayas, providing tourists once in a lifetime to visit the many lush gardens including those of saffron and blooming tulips. The visitors can also avail another memorable experience of cruising on the magnetic Dal Lake inside the famous houseboat. The highest golf course in Gulmarg and the rugged roads leading to Buddhist Amazing Ladakh Tour also add intrigue to this northernmost Indian destination. The embroidered Pashmina shawls from Kashmir are popular worldwide and display the artistry and finesse of the handloom experts.
The third important destination in India is dedicated to royalty in its every way and form. Etched in legends, the palaces, forts, towers, observatories and step wells have an enchanting element that surely transports a tourist in a surprising world of brilliant royalty. The heritage hotels also define the royalty in their unique way and contribute to the state’s tourism. Here, you get to stay in the erstwhile palaces of the Maharajas enhanced by the wondrous service of Khidmatgars or attendants. If you are luckier than others, you might even get a chance to meet a living Prince or a King during a sojourn to incredible Rajasthan. The deserts here too have a mystic charm. The desert triangle of Jodhpur City Tour, Jaisalmer and Bikaner allow tourists to avail the charming Camel Safari over the expansive desert stretch. Udaipur, on the other hand is an ultimate destination known for its luxurious hotels. Mount Abu is the only hill station of the state famous among tourists for its mesmerizing charm and spiritual heritage in the form of Dilwara Temples. The culinary attractions of Rajasthan are also contrasting like the state. On the one hand, the state is known for intricate use of spices and on the other, the sweets and snacks are also relished by tourists with great interest.
Next to Rajasthan is the destination in extreme south, Kerala. The tourism in this state has redefined the standards of Indian hospitality. The state is known for connecting many cultural influences in the past and even received some legendary travellers in the medieval era through the legendary Spice Route. All this can be experienced in the cities of Kochi and Calicut. Kochi is also known for the Asia’s only Jewish synagogue in Paradesi Synagogue. Kochi is also the cultural capital of Kerala, where a number of cultural dance performances including Kathakali can be viewed in a traditional way. The state’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram is the evergreen city in the words of Mahatma Gandhi and hosts a number of tourist attractions including the richest Hindu temple in the world, Sree Padmanabhaswami Temple. The presence of nature’s bounties in the form of hill stations, beaches, backwaters, spice forests, waterfalls and the holistic adherence of Ayurveda, Spa and Yoga also make it an enchanting destination. The staple diet in this coastal destination is fish, crabs and prawns cooked with the fragrant spices also add on to the culinary delights of Kerala. 
From the above mentioned attractions, one can surely gasp in awe regarding the rich and wondrous diversity of India, making it an incredible destination in the world over. For more of such unique experiences here, visit Incredible India Tour